Animal Removal and Damage Repair

While beautiful and entertaining, animals can be somewhat dangerous and you may need to have them removed from your home or office. Precise is here 24/7 to help with your animal issues. We handle removal of all kinds of different animals:

Don’t try to do it yourself because it can be dangerous. Let our experts come out and we will hand everything from removal to cleanup and repair of any damage!

Bird Control
Birds can wreak all kinds of havoc on the exterior of your homes. When birds land, nest, and/or roost in or on your home, health and damage risks arise. It's important to have a professional exterminator come examine the situation so they can determine the best way to remove the problem. Sometimes all it takes is a physical or visual deterrent, while other times more complicated methods such as chemicals or sonic devices are required. If you're having issues with birds, contact Precise Exterminating Service today.
In order to eliminate higher risks of having snakes living near your home, remove debris that they can live in, seal shut any gaps or entry points into your home, and keep bushes and hedges at a manageable size. If you suspect there's a snake living in or near your home, call an exterminator. While most snakes prefer to minimize contact with humans, if there is a snake on your property, an exterminator can remove it without causing any injuries or damage.
Mice may be cute to look at, but it’s a completely different story if you find mice in your home. They can cause allergic reactions in small children and bring along fleas, ticks, and other pests that you’ll have to get rid of. Contact Precise Exterminating Service Inc right away if mice have invaded your home. We can safely remove mice without disturbing your home in any way. Mice can fit inside any dime size hole. You can help keep mice away by patching up small holes and cleaning up clutter that mice love to hide in. For everything else, call Precise Exterminating Service Inc for help.
Many people are terrified of the thought of rats that chew on everything and bring disease with them into your home. Precise Exterminating Service Inc can help you avoid encounters with rats. We provide safe treatments to remove rats from your home. Our team uses the best techniques around to control rats. Homeowners and business owners are encouraged to call Precise Exterminating Service Inc right away if they find rat droppings on site. This means there are rats around and they’ll likely be seen again. Homeowners and business owners can also take initiative to prevent rat infestations by patching holes and tending to areas of moisture and dampness. Call Precise Exterminating Service Inc for additional help with rats.
Bat Control
Bats like to go into small cracks and crevices. We will go out and seal up theses small entry points. They can carry bat bugs which are similar to bedbugs but have small hairs on them. ​Most bats feed on insects, while others eat fruit, fish or even blood! Also, they can live for over 20 years. We help with little brown bats, big brown bats, evening bats, Mexican free-trail, and pallid bats. If you think you have bats in your home; determine if you, your family, or your pets have been exposed. If there is any kind of uncertainty, it is important to make sure that the animal is captured and tested for rabies (a serious fatal illness if left untreated). For more information please visit