General Pests

Precise Exterminating Service Inc has years of experience dealing with unwanted guests in your home or business. We know how to deal with any kind of infestation. We have pest control services available 24/7 to deal with your problem immediately. Our team will inspect your property to spot the source of the issue and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

If you notice damage to wood in your home or business, it may be due to carpenter ants. Be mindful that if you have rotting wood in your home, you’ll likely find carpenter ants that love boring under the decomposition. Carpenter ants are found throughout suburban Cleveland. You’ll discover their nests under moist areas, especially wet wood.

Precise Exterminating Service Inc provides ant control services to remove carpenter ant nests. This eliminates the concern for damage to your property. You can also stop carpenter ants beforehand by fixing leaks and other issues that lead to water in your home. For the help you need to keep your property safe, count on Precise Exterminating Service Inc.


If you have pets in your home, you know the risk for fleas. That’s why cats and dogs receive medication to keep fleas away. Fleas will feed on your pets’ blood and will even bite humans. The worst they can do is cause discomfort to humans, but that’s still an inconvenience no one wants to deal with.

Precise Exterminating Service Inc can provide pest control treatment that will target and remove fleas. We also ask you to talk to your vet about flea control options for your pets and to inspect them regularly for signs of fleas. You should especially inspect your pet if they go on regular walks or have been through grass. Contact us today to find out more about our flea control services.

Mice may be cute to look at, but it’s a completely different story if you find mice in your home. They can cause allergic reactions in small children and bring along fleas, ticks, and other pests that you’ll have to get rid of. Contact Precise Exterminating Service Inc right away if mice have invaded your home. We can safely remove mice without disturbing your home in any way. Mice can fit inside any dime size hole. You can help keep mice away by patching up small holes and cleaning up clutter that mice love to hide in. For everything else, call Precise Exterminating Service Inc for help.
Many people are terrified of the thought of rats that chew on everything and bring disease with them into your home. Precise Exterminating Service Inc can help you avoid encounters with rats. We provide safe treatments to remove rats from your home. Our team uses the best techniques around to control rats. Homeowners and business owners are encouraged to call Precise Exterminating Service Inc right away if they find rat droppings on site. This means there are rats around and they’ll likely be seen again. Homeowners and business owners can also take initiative to prevent rat infestations by patching holes and tending to areas of moisture and dampness. Call Precise Exterminating Service Inc for additional help with rats.

Cockroaches can be easily identified by long wings and antennae. They make their way onto your property through food and drink containers, as well as old furniture and fixtures. Once they make their way in, you’ll most likely find them around the food in your kitchen or hiding in your bathroom.

Precise Exterminating Service Inc knows the precise steps to take to control cockroaches. Our safe treatments will eliminate cockroaches, but not cause any harm to your home or business. We recommend taking care of your property to prevent cockroach infestations by making sure not to leave food out, and making sure to seal garbage containers, remove standing water, and clean up debris and clutter. If you need help, Precise Exterminating Service Inc is a call away.


Spiders are another example of an annoying insect that can bother people. Dangerous spiders are not native to Northeast Ohio, but spiders don’t need to be in your home or place of business for any reason.

Precise Exterminating Service Inc stops spiders in their tracks. We rely on a number of successful control methods to get rid of spiders. If you find spiders in your home or business, give us a call right away and we’ll handle it. We are available 24/7. To help keep spiders away from your property, make sure to store firewood outside, clean your carpets, fix broken screens or cracked windows, and run a dehumidifier to limit the amount of humidity inside, which spiders love.