Other types of insects don’t make us as uneasy as bees and hornets do. This is obviously because they sting. You’ll want to keep bees or hornets away from you and your family, especially if there’s someone around who’s allergic to stings.
Bees & Hornets

Precise Exterminating Service Inc can remove yellow jackets, carpenter bees, and hornets from your property. We use safe removal tactics to target nests and eliminate these annoying and sometimes dangerous pests from your surroundings. In the meantime, you take steps to prevent bees and hornets from visiting you in the first place by staying away from active nests, removing garbage regularly and covering your trash cans, fixing broken screens, and throwing out old fruit.

You most likely have run into a house centipede or two more than once in your life. These inch long, grayish-yellow insects are speedy and usually make themselves known by appearing out of nowhere on your wall and then vanishing into thin area. While house centipedes are generally solitary, if you have an infestation, exterminators can remove the problem. The existence of many centipedes in your home might point to a larger infestation of another species, as house centipedes feed on other pests.
As fall begins, you'll probably find many stink bugs clinging to your window screens and making attempts to get inside your warm house. Since these bugs produce a foul odor, it's best not to squash or vacuum them up. The best way to remove them from your home is to catch them with a plastic baggy or container, and then either flush them or release them into your yard. If you have an infestation on your hands, call Precise Exterminating Services to come deal with the problem.
Beetles can be found in many locations and will attempt to make their way into your home on your clothes or belongings as well as through unsealed doors. They can get into your food as well as cause damage to items and beams made of wood. You can take steps to prevent them by checking your items before bringing them into your home, reducing moisture as well as ensuring that all entry ways are fully sealed to prevent the unwanted visitors. We use non-chemical based solutions such as pheromone based traps to remove them from your home.

Ever notice that your clothes, blankets or other fabric in your home have odd holes in them? You may have a moth infestation. Moth's do not actually eat your material it is actually their larvae that do the damage. Other signs are finding small larvae, tubes, cocoons, and even fully adult moths. You can take measures yourself by using a cedar spray, washing clothes with any signs of larvae, and making sure that your floors and carpets are vacuumed. We use non based chemical traps such as pheromone traps similar to how we treat for beetles. 

Drain Flies

Drain Flies are more of a nuisance than anything and while they do not cause physical damage, they can breed quickly causing a large infestation in short time. You can prevent them by ensuring that your sinks drain is cleaned regularly. If they don't have food to feed on they cannot survive in your drain so removing the food source is a good choice. At Precise Exterminating Service we have a specialized solution that will remove all organic matter from your drain and will give you a detailed cleaning guide in order to prevent them from returning any time soon.