Bed bugs are common in crowded places such as apartment complexes, dorm rooms, hotels, etc. They are great hitchhikers that travel on luggage, clothing, furniture and boxes looking for a host and plenty of hiding places. No matter if the environment is clean or dirty, bed bugs can be present. Common places bed bugs like to hide are mattresses, box springs, and bed frames which is unfortunately the last place people want to see any type of bug. We highly recommend you call our professional team to help fully remove the problem.
There are two methods for treating bedbug

Heat Treatment or Chemical Treatment

What to expect if you select chemical treatment:

Chemical treatments are used for a less aggressive bed bug infestation. A chemical treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the home, depended upon the size and condition of the room. Initially these treatments are completed within 2- 3 visits.

Wash all linen ( bedding, towels, clothing items) in hot water and dry thoroughly at highest temperatures available. Place all clean linen in trash bags.
Allow up to 4 hours for all contact surfaces to dry before returning to your home.

*All treatments come with a written warranty

Our All Natural Bed Bug Solutions​

All-natural is all the rage these days, from the food humans eat to the clothes humans wear. Pest control is no different, as many people want to choose the most natural solutions to their bed bug and insect problems. While this sounds great, many all-natural bed bug solutions do not actually work. Continue reading to find out more about how your bed bug problems can be solved.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Surely virtually every person has heard of bed bugs one time or another. But many are left to ask the question, what are bed bugs? Bed bugs are tiny creatures that make themselves at home in fabrics and many other materials. These little insects feed on human blood, and they generally are most active at night. Bed bugs might seem like a small problem, but they can actually be quite difficult to get rid of, and it is very important to do this as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Determining whether or not you have bed bugs is actually fairly simple. All you need to do is be observant. If you have bites all over your body when you wake up, this is the first fairly obvious sign. If there are dull, blood-colored stains on your sheets, this is also a really good hint you might have bed bugs. Finally, if you are able to smell a strange smell around your bed, clothes, or other cloth objects, it is another very good hint. Now that you know you have bed bugs, what can you do to exterminate these blood-sucking insects?

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Determining where your bed bug infestation came from can be fairly difficult to pinpoint, as these creatures can travel on virtually any material. The most common places to pick up bed bugs are at hotels, visiting friends’ homes, and even at clothing and furniture stores. It is important to learn exactly where these small insects hide once they have infested your home. Some of the usual places that bed bugs prefer to live are in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames, as these provide excellent places to feast on human blood at night.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Luckily, bed bugs have never been found to transmit deadly diseases. However, this does not mean that they are not detrimental to your health. There are a wide variety of different problems bed bugs can cause, and besides, who wants to sleep with insects biting them? Insomnia, itching, allergic reactions, and a variety of skin problems can all be side effects of co-existing with bed bugs. As can be seen, it is very important to rid yourself of these nasty little insects.

Natural Solutions

If you want to keep things natural when removing bed bugs, you might end up being sorely disappointed. While almost-natural bed bug solutions are available, relying on completely natural bed bug extermination is generally a pipe-dream. There are several all-natural solutions that are said to be effective, however, there are certain pest control companies that can get very close to all-natural solutions. Things like cloves, cayenne peppers, essential oils, and a variety of other “solutions” to the bed bug problem have been tried and tried again, but they almost never actually get rid of bed bugs.

The Precise Exterminating Service Solution

While all-natural bed bug solutions might not be perfect, here at Precise Exterminating Service Inc., we have two choices that will get your home bed bug-free with either no or minor chemical use. If you choose the entirely natural option, our professionals will heat your home to more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit so that the bed bugs, from the eggs to the mature adults, are dehydrated completely, and in this way eradicated. Heat treatment is virtually the only way to effectively kill all bed bugs, and this is a great option for anyone looking to remove their bed bug problem. Once the heat treatment is done, you can opt for a chemical treatment that will prevent any future infestations.

If you would prefer to go the chemical-only route, our Precise Exterminating Service Inc. team members will get the job done correctly for you as well. We want you to be completely satisfied with every step of the process, and we allow you to make the decisions on what you want to be done. Give us a call if you want your bed bugs gone for good!

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

One of the most common indoor pests people encounter is bed bugs, which can prove incredibly annoying. These little bugs will live on your bed and furniture, traveling alongside you and your clothing to wherever you may go. We understand that bed bugs can be incredibly difficult to deal with, in addition to being very annoying. The fact that these pests are exceedingly small, usually hidden, and resistant to most pesticides, makes knowing how to get rid of bed bugs pretty uncommon knowledge. Even still, they are quite easy to deal with if you understand how they work. 

Why are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

One notorious aspect of bed bugs is their resilience to cleaning. While most people don’t know why bed bugs are hard to get rid of, these people do know that they are hard to get rid of. That’s thanks to a few major reasons including:

  1. Bed bugs’ erratic behavior – essentially parasites, bed bugs have to do unique things to stay alive. This includes attacking you to feed and staying in dark cracks in clothing or beds. These nocturnal pests come to life at night, which happens to be the time you go to sleep. Bed bugs also live for upwards of a year without animals’ blood and fold up to become thinner than a toothpick.
  2. Bed bugs are pesticide resistant – in the past, bed bugs were nearly eradicated thanks to the widespread use of DDT. Since then, though, the pesticide has stopped being used and the remaining bed bugs have quickly reproduced as pesticide resistant bugs. In recent tests, scientists have found that nearly 100% of lab-grown bed bugs die from pesticides, while nearly every natural bed bug has survived the pesticides.
  3. Bed bugs reproduce quickly – the average bed bug lives to be about a year old, theoretically going without food the entire time. With food though, these bugs can live a little longer, laying eggs up to twice a week. Female bed bugs can lay upwards of 110 eggs in a year, doubling populations every 16 days.

How can I get rid of bed bugs?

While bed bugs are nearly immune against pesticides, there are some incredibly simple solutions. These may take upwards of a month to completely get rid of bed bugs, as even the smallest remaining bug can quickly reproduce. Even still, there are three ways to get rid of bed bugs. 

The first method is with insecticide. While bed bugs are immune against most pesticides, they are still killable with insecticide. Calling an exterminating team, like ours at Precise Exterminating Service, can get your problem solved within a few days, checking in every once in a while. Insecticides work very well against bed bugs when it does work, although, on the off chance that the bugs are immune, another method may be needed.

The second method is to heat up the bed bugs. These pests luckily can’t live above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that cranking up the heat to between 135 and 145 degrees, it’ll kill the bugs and their eggs. Even still, it’ll take upwards of 6 to 8 hours of consistent heat to kill off the bugs, with weeks of monitoring. While that may be inconvenient, you can even do this method yourself, with steam. Steam is upwards of 200 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that by steaming your mattresses or clothing, you can kill all the bed bugs in a shorter time.

The last method is any of the DIY solutions. While these normally consist of vacuuming or sealing off a mattress with hot steam for a while, there is a growing list of do-it-yourself techniques. We’d recommend a combination of vacuuming and then steaming a mattress with hot steam, doing the mattress after you’ve vacuumed all the bugs you can. This allows you to remove most, killing the remaining ones within a few days.

However, the most certain method would be calling the professionals. At Precise Exterminating Service, we understand that it might seem more worth it to do it yourself, if you can. Even still, you put yourself at risk for a greater bed bug infestation, which could become dangerous. If you have the chance to call the pros, it’s definitely worth it, whether to ask for help or to purchase removal services.