Bed bugs are common in crowded places such as apartment complexes, dorm rooms, hotels, etc. They are great hitchhikers that travel on luggage, clothing, furniture and boxes looking for a host and plenty of hiding places. No matter if the environment is clean or dirty, bed bugs can be present. Common places bed bugs like to hide are mattresses, box springs, and bed frames which is unfortunately the last place people want to see any type of bug. We highly recommend you call our professional team to help fully remove the problem.
There are two methods for treating bedbug

Heat Treatment or Chemical Treatment

  • Allow for 8-10 hours for your home to be treated. The length of treatment depends on the size and structure of your property
  • The home will be heated to 130+ degrees as to completely dehydrate the bed bugs in all stages, from egg to adult
  • Chemical treatment is then used as a preventative measure to protect against future infestations

What to expect if you select chemical treatment:

Chemical treatments are used for a less aggressive bed bug infestation. A chemical treatment can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the size of the home, depended upon the size and condition of the room. Initially these treatments are completed within 2- 3 visits.

Wash all linen ( bedding, towels, clothing items) in hot water and dry thoroughly at highest temperatures available. Place all clean linen in trash bags.
Allow up to 4 hours for all contact surfaces to dry before returning to your home.

*All treatments come with a written warranty