Wildlife Management

Wildlife such as opossums and squirrels can do great damage to your home. They do harm to the structure of your home and create entry points for other pests.
Much damage can be done, such as:
  • Chew through electrical wiring causing a fire hazard
  • Tear through insulation and drywall
  • Destruction of belongings
Signs of wildlife animals in your residence or business:
  • Droppings left behind
  • Noises in your walls or ceiling
  • Foul odors from dead animals in your walls, ceilings or attic
Opossums can be pests to your home in many ways. They get into your attic, sheds, and garbage. It can be a danger to your family and neighbors. The best thing to do is call us to help get them out of your home or yard.

Generally, squirrels are not a nuisance to people but they can get inside walls, attics, basements and other areas. It's then that squirrels can become destructive and at this point it may be best to call us in to have them removed.


Raccoons are one of the biggest nuisance for most homeowners. They can make a mess of your gardens, garbage, and can cause much more damage to your home. Not only is this bad news for your wallet but raccoons are common carriers of rabies and other serious diseases that can be passed onto you and your pets.

Raccoons can go from being in your garbage to chimney to attics. They are known to due the worst destruction once they enter the attic and destroy insulation. If they problem is not corrected right away the home could end up becoming hazardous due to contaminated insulation from feces and urine. At Precise Exterminating Services Inc. we not only remove raccoons but also clean and disinfect.

Groundhogs can be a major problem for your home. They dig large burrows near your homes structures like sheds, patios, or concrete deck. The absence of the dirt supporting these structures will leave to cracking the foundation and it can collapse. They multiply quickly and if you don't get them removed they will overtake your yard. We are a licensed pest control company with years of experience in groundhog trapping.
Chipmunks are a nuisance pest because of their burrowing skill and large appetite. This can be dangerous to your property like flowers and plants. It can become an even bigger problem when they destroy your decks and other yard structures leaving you with expensive repairs. If chipmunks are burrowing under your home or business, the foundation could be in jeopardy. Call us now to prevent too much damage to your home.
The occasionally digging and their strong odor tend to make them a difficult pest to deal with. We will trap the skunks in live cage traps and then relocate them. This is the best way to remove skunks without getting sprayed and keeping you and your family safe.